Who receives our monthly Departmental report(s)?

The Budget Manager as defined by OMNI Online: Budget Managers and Authorized Users Budget Manager information (Employee ID, Campus Phone Number, Campus Email Address, and Campus Address) is obtained from the Personal Information Summary located in OMNI HR Self Service. This information must be kept current by the Budget Manager. If any of this information is missing or obsolete, ITS will be unable to email the Online Report Notification email to the appropriate person.

If your Budget Manager contact needs to be changed, follow the steps below:

  • Go to http://budget.fsu.edu/
  • Click Forms
  • Select the appropriate form
  • Submit the form to the Budget & Analysis Office Location & Hours 321 Westcott Bldg, MC 1360 M-F, 8am-5pm Contact 850/644-4203 / FAX: 850/644-9622

The Budget Manager is required to submit an Electronic Online Role Request (eORR) in OMNI-HR in addition to this form.

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