What is / how do I use the Extended Absence greeting in Messaging?

The "Extended Absence" greeting is a greeting that can be set to be played instead of your normal "personal greeting". If you have an "extended absence" greeting on you will be notified that it is active when you log into your message box, the greeting is automatically turned on once your record it.

The advantage of setting this greeting up, in lieu of changing your "Personal greeting", is that you can delete it when you are no longer absent from the office and not have to change your personal greetings. Extended absence greetings can be used if you are traveling, on vacation, or out for an extended period of time. This differs from the normal greeting where users generally indicate that they are currently unavailable but will return calls at their earliest convenience.

To set up the "Extended Absence" greeting follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your message box.
  2. Press "4" for "User Preferences".
  3. Press "3" for "Greetings".
  4. Press "2" for "Extended Absence" greeting.
  5. Follow the prompts for recording the greeting.
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