How do I change my preferred email?

Updating your preferred email at FSU will alter the primary email campus services uses to contact you. There are multiple areas where an employees email may be listed so updating it is a multi-step process.

One of the primary resources for looking up someone's contact information is the Faculty and Staff Directory, you can also search people in your Global Address List in Outlook.

The first step is to update your address in OMNI. Updating your email here will push the update to the Faculty and Staff Directory as well. Please continue reading after the screenshots to update your preferred email address in the Global Address List.

Step 1. Log into myFSU Portal, select Personal Information under the Human Resources section, and navigate to the Email Address section.

Step 2. Complete the Multi-Step Verification process.

Step 3. Update the email in the field corresponding to which one is checked Preferred as shown below:


Step 4. Once you have updated your address is OMNI, it should sync the changes to the Faculty and Staff Directory within 48 hours.

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