What happens after I submit my order?

  • Orders will be assigned an order number upon submission in the form of: TSRXXXXXYY (TSR=Technology Service Request, XXXXX = 5 digit unique order number, and YY = fiscal year). Use this number when referencing your order.
  • If your request was originally submitted as a Case or RN-Repair number, they can be cross referenced to the TSR number.
  • A confirmation is emailed to the contact and the Budget Manager's email address as entered on the online form upon submission. The confirmation email includes the name and contact information for the ITS Service Coordinator assigned to the order. If the order is reassigned, another email will be generated providing the correct contact information for the ITS Service Coordinator. The Budget Manager's email states to reply if the charge is invalid; if an email of this nature is received, the order will be voided and no further action will be taken. If no contact is made, the order will be processed.
  • Each order is assigned to an IT Service Coordinator to confirm, prepare, and begin the fulfillment process and/or route to the appropriate ITS Service Provider and/or outside vendor as needed. For routine orders, with complete information, every effort is made to begin that process within one business day. Orders received after 2:00 p.m. are considered as received the following business day at 8:00 a.m.
  • For each order received, the OMNI account (budget) number and Budget Manager provided is verified and a confirmation email is generated. In cases of all estimates and orders that are 'no charge', the budget number is used for tracking and identification only. Orders with incomplete information are not considered received until all information needed has been provided. At this time, ITS can begin to process the order request accordingly.


  • Feature & voice mail changes
  • Passcode resets
  • Mobile service plans and equipment
  • Meet-me conference call
  • Phone line installs and relocations
  • Budget changes
  • Information changes (user names, service location building/room and directory updates)
  • VOIP (location dependent)


Non-Routine orders will vary in turnaround for completion (but will often require more than 15 business days). Orders that typically require some or all of the following are considered non-routine:

  • On-site work estimates
  • New conduit
  • Non-stock parts or equipment
  • New construction or renovations (adds, moves & changes)
  • Multi-line building-to-building moves
  • Major projects or initiatives (such as wireless access point additions or system upgrades).
  • Card Access & Security Orders NOTE: The first contact should be made with the FSU Police Department, Campus Access & Security Services area (CASS). The preferred method to initiate the process is the entry of an OMNI Service Center ticket directed to Building Access/Security. FSUPD CASS will schedule a consultation with the department and will create a security design to meet the customer's needs. CASS will coordinate the acquisition of an estimate from ITS, present it to the customer, and, if approved, will take the necessary steps on the customer's behalf to schedule the work.


  • If you wish to make changes to an order, contact your assigned ITS Service Coordinator. Changes can be made if the order has not been dispatched and completed. Otherwise a new order should be submitted.
  • Once your order is fulfilled, your ITS Service Coordinator will finalize the order and confirm satisfaction with the Order Contact. The Contact and the Budget Manager's email address as submitted on the online form will also receive another email which confirms completion to help with record and invoice reconciliation, if needed. Once the email is received, if there are any questions or concerns regarding the order, please contact your ITS Service Coordinator.
  • To discuss details and/or check status of an order, contact your assigned IT Service Coordinator and be sure to reference the associated ITS order number.
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