How do I use the Skype for Business built in help tool?

If you have questions about Skype for Business features or functionality not covered by our Frequently Asked Questions, Skype for Business has an expansive library of help topics you can access directly from Skype for Business.

  1. Click the arrow next to the Settings gear in Skype for Business
    Settings gear.png
  2. Highlight Help and select Skype for Business Help
    Help menu.png
  3. Once the Skype for Business Help window loads, you can browse around through the Top help topics, check out the Skype for Business training or use the search box at the top to find exactly what you're looking for.
    Help Window.png
  4. For example, if you have a new microphone you want to use you can search for "set up microphone" and hit enter or click the search glass
    set up mic.png
  5. You may not find an article with the exact title you were looking for, but you can browse the results and select the one that most closely matches what you need to do - in this case "Set up an audio device for Skype for Business"
    Set up audio device.png
  6. Follow the guide, watch the video and you should be good to go!