Why am I not seeing video in my Skype for Business meeting?

Skype for Business meetings use video options from previous sessions you have created. If you schedule a new Skype for Business meeting without a camera, or without editing the video options, any new meeting you create will not have video capability.

Enable video for a new Skype Meeting space:

  1. Ensure that your camera and microphone are working and enabled
  2. Start with scheduling a Skype for Business meeting by clicking the New Skype Meeting button from the Outlook Calendar view
    Skype Meeting 3
  3. Click on Meeting Options.
    Skype Meeting Options.png
  4. In the Skype Meeting Options window, ensure that A new meeting space is selected. This will allow you to change the settings below it. Block attendees' video must remain unchecked to display video.
    Meeting Options Desc.png
  5. Once you have finished changing your settings, click Remember Settings if you want these to be the default settings for all Skype meetings you create or click OK to only use these settings for this meeting.

Reset assigned conference information:

If the instructions above are unsuccessful, follow the steps below to reset the assigned conference information.

NOTE: Your Skype for Business Meeting URL will change. You must restart Outlook and re-distribute the meeting invite with the new URL.

  1. In Skype for Business, click the down arrow next to the gear icon.
  2. Select Tools, then Dial-in Conferencing Settings.
  3. This will open a webpage in your preferred browser. At this page, click Sign in.
  4. Enter "fsu\" followed by your FSUID and password. And click Sign in.
  5. After signing in, click on the link labeled Reset my Assigned Conference information.
  6. Click Yes on the confirmation popup to reset your Skype for Business conferencing information.
  7. The process will be complete when you are returned to the previous screen with green text stating that your information has been reset. Remember, you must restart Outlook and re-distribute the meeting invite with the new URL.


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