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Can I change my FSUID?

Changing your FSUID is a prolonged, manual process requiring the involvement of several FSU departments.

It is NOT recommended for the following reasons:

  1. The request process can take at least 3-5 business days to complete, during this time you may be unable to access any services on campus including:
    • FSU Wi-Fi
    • Workstations or on-campus computers
    • myFSU Portal
    • Email
  2. You may temporarily or permanently lose access to the following:
    • Canvas - Access to your enrolled classes in Canvas
    • FSU email - Your FSU email message and access to your account(s)
    • OneDrive/MSCloud documents - Access to OneDrive/MSCloud and all documents therein
    • Payment history - Your history of payments made through the myFSU Portal
    • Qualtrics - Access to your FSU Qualtrics account
    • LinkedIn Learning - Your LinkedIn Learning account and profile, including records of all courses taken or progress made
    • College or program-specific access - Access to college or program-specific computers, sites, tools, or systems tied to your previous FSUID
    • Additional services, systems, and records including:
      • Gartner
      • BI dashboard and reports
      • PeopleSoft Query Manager reports run
      • Travel history
      • TCard or PCard Purchases

You are NOT authorized to change your FSUID UNLESS your reason meets the criteria below.

  • Identity theft or safety concerns - If you have been the victim of identity theft or may be the victim of stalking or a situation where your safety is in question, you may request an FSUID change after:
    • Contacting the Florida State University Police Department (FSUPD) at 850-644-1234 to ensure that a police report has been filed.
    • If you’ve already reported the situation to another law enforcement agency, you must still contact the FSUPD so that they can obtain the relevant Case information.
  • Legal name change (employee) - If you are a current FSU employee and you’ve had a legal name change, you may request an FSUID change after:
    • Registering your new name with the Social Security Office (
    • Updating your name with FSU Human Resources:
      • Contact your department’s Human Resources representative or
      • Contact FSU Human Resources at 850-644-6034 or
    • If you are also a current/former student of FSU, you must also update your name with the Registrar (850-644-1050,
  • Employee with student-style FSUID - Current employees with student-style* FSUIDs may request an FSUID change to obtain an employee-style FSUID. However, for reasons detailed previously, this is NOT recommended.
    • *FSUIDs follow either a student-style or employee-style format:
      • Student-style FSUID: Uses a person’s initials, the year the FSUID was created, and can use one or more letters to distinguish the account from others.
        For example, jd10z.
      • Employee-style FSUIDs: Uses an a combination of a person’s first initial and last name, but can also feature a middle initial or numbers to distinguish the account from others.
        For example, jdoe2.
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