What do I need to do after I reset my FSUID password?

After resetting your FSUID password, you will need to update your password on all devices and apps that use your FSUID, especially those that automatically log in and update. Here are some of the most common places your FSUID password is used that may require action right away. NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours for your FSUID account to be updated in all systems.

Computer (employees)
If you use an FSU-owned computer and sign in with your FSUID, you’ll need to reboot.

  1. Connect to the FSU wired network via a laptop dock or Ethernet cable.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Log in with your new password. If you are unable to log in, wait five minutes and try again.
  4. Mac Users: Create a new keychain with your new password.

In your device settings, remove or forget the FSUSecure wireless network. Wait a second, then reconnect with your new password. This goes for laptops, phones and tablets. Follow our step-by-step instructions if you need help: Update Wi-Fi Password

Mobile devices
Update your password on all mobile devices that connect to FSUSecure.

If you use an email program other than Outlook—such as Thunderbird, Mac Mail or Windows Mail—update your account to use your new password. Also, if you access FSU email on your mobile device, you may need to remove and reinstall your email account using these instructions: Update Mobile Email Password

Update your password in any mobile apps that connect to your official university account, such as email or OneDrive. To update your password in some apps, you may need to remove and re-add your account in your device settings.

Office 365 Apps
Outlook, Skype or OneDrive may prompt you to enter your new password. If so, enter your password and check the box to remember your password.

Mac Keychain
If you use Keychain to store your passwords on a Mac computer, you will need to update your login keychain. Update Mac Keychain

Still no luck? Locked out? Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Submit a support request or contact the ITS Service Desk at 850-644-HELP(4357) or help.fsu.edu.