How do I access my generic mailbox?

There are three ways, connecting to the generic mailbox directly, adding the generic mailbox as an additional mailbox to the delegated user’s mailbox, or accessing it via Outlook Web App (OWA).

To connect to the generic mailbox directly:

  • Open the ‘Mail’ setting in the control panel.
    • Click on ‘Show Profiles’
    • Click on ‘Add…’
    • Give the profile a name – ‘dept-mailbox’ and click ‘OK’
  • On the Add New Account dialog box:
    • Select ‘Manually configure server settings…’
    • Select ‘Microsoft Exchange or compatible service’
    • For the server settings, enter:
      • Server: (for older accounts using exchange:
      • Uncheck ‘Use Cached Exchange Mode’ (only for generic mailboxes)
      • Username: dept-mailbox
    • Click ‘Next’, then ‘Finish’
  • Select the ‘Prompt for a profile to be used’ radio button
  • Click ‘OK’
  • Launch Outlook and select the profile created above for the generic mailbox.
  • If you are prompted to login, enter your AD credentials that were delegated access to the generic mailbox.

To add the generic mailbox as an additional mailbox:

  • Within Outlook, select File from the menu
  • Click on the ‘Account Settings’ button and select ‘Account Settings’
  • In the Account Settings dialog box, click on the ‘Change…’ button
  • In the Change Account dialog box, click on the ‘More Settings…’ button
  • In the Microsoft Exchange dialog box, click on the ‘Advanced’ tab at the top
  • Under ‘Open these additional mailboxes:’ click the ‘Add…’ button
  • Enter the name of the generic mailbox and click OK
  • Repeat the steps above for each additional mailbox you wish to add
  • Click ‘OK’ to return to the Change Account dialog box
  • Click ‘Next’ then ‘Finish’ to return to the ‘Account Settings’ dialog box
  • Click ‘Close’ to return to the Outlook client.
  • The generic mailbox will now appear as an additional folder tree in your folder list on the left hand side of your Outlook client below your personal mailbox.

To access the generic mailbox via Outlook Web App (OWA)

  • Open a browser and browse to the following site:
    • Log-in with your credentials
    • In the top right select the person icon
    • From the drop down select “Open another mailbox”
    • Type in the name of the of the generic mailbox: ‘dept-mailbox’
    • Click ‘Open’
  • You should now see your generic mailbox open in a new tab.