What is a Contact?

A contact is used to mail something that is outside of the FSU email system. Contacts are created on a limited basis. There may be no copies of these emails stored with FSU.

To request a Contact please submit a case at http://servicecenter.fsu.edu. When requesting a new Contact, please provide the following information:


  1. Description - Include a short description to describe the purpose of the Contact
  2. Department - Include the full department name and the 3 or 4 letter department abbreviation to identify ownership and possible location of the mailbox.
  3. Full Name - The Full Name must be in the format of Dept-FWD-XXXX, DEPT-FSUID, or FWD-FSUID. Branding does not approve Full Names for Contacts.
  4. Display Name - The name that is displayed in the Global Address List (GAL). By default, the Full Name is used. Anything else must have Branding approval. Send an email to dl-brandreview@fsu.edu to request Branding approval for a Display Name that does not match the Full Name.
  5. Primary SMTP Address - This is the email address from which recipients will receive messages sent from the account. Example formats include DEPT-FW-XXXX@FSU.EDU, FWD-FSUID@FSU.EDU, XXXX@FSU.EDU (Needs FSU Branding Approval).
  6. External SMTP Address - This is the non-FSU (external) email address to which the contact will be forwarded.


  1. Secondary SMTP Address - Additional email addresses can be requested for a Contact to receive mail.
  2. First Name – A first name can be provided for informational/organizational purposes.
  3. Last Name – A last name can be provided for informational/organizational purposes.
  4. Un-Hide from the Global Address List - By default, Contacts are hidden from the Global Address List, but this can be done by request.
  5. Group Membership – List any Security Groups for which this Contact will need to be a member.