What is a Distribution List/Group?

A Distribution Group is a group whose members can receive email messages sent to it.

A Distribution List/Group is not designed for bulk mailing. For more information on bulk mailing services at FSU, please reference the following page: http://its.fsu.edu/service-catalog/communication-collaboration/mass-emails

Please note that Exchange Online has the following limits with regards to message limits and recipient and sender limits:

Message Limits

  • Message size* | Outlook: 150 MB; Outlook for Mac: 150 MB; OWA: 112 MB; Migration: 150 MB
  • Subject length | 255 characters
  • File attachments | 250 attachments
  • File attachment size | Outlook: 150 MB; Outlook for Mac: 150 MB; OWA: 35 MB
  • Multipart message | 250 parts
  • Embedded message depth | 30 embedded messages

    *Individual department email systems may have varying message size limits; please check with your department on their maximum message size limits.

Recipient and Sender Limits

  • Messages received | 3,600 messages/hour
  • Recipient rate | 10,000 recipients/day
  • Recipients | 500 recipients
  • Message rate | 30 messages/minute (SMTP client submission only)

To request a Distribution Group please submit a case at http://servicecenter.fsu.edu. When requesting a new Distribution Group, please provide the following information:


  1. Description – Include a short description to describe the purpose of the Distribution Group.
  2. Department – Include the full department name and the 3 or 4 letter department abbreviation to identify ownership and possible location of the Distribution Group.
  3. AD Name – The AD Name must be in the format of COLL-RequestedName, DEPT-RequestedName, or ORG-RequestedName. College, department, or organization abbreviation must precede the requested name. (Note: DL can also be included in the AD Name to make it easier to identify distribution groups).
  4. Display Name – The name that is displayed in the Global Address List (GAL). By default, the AD Name is used. Anything else must have Branding approval. Send an email to dl-brandreview@fsu.edu to request Branding approval for a Display Name that does not match the AD Name.
  5. Primary SMTP Address - The primary email address of the account. By default, the AD Name followed by @fsu.edu is used. All other primary SMTP requests followed by @fsu.edu must have branding approval. Primary SMTPs requested on a departmental email domain (e.g. @DEPT.fsu.edu) must have the approval of the departmental IT staff.


  1. Secondary SMTP Address - Additional email addresses can be requested for Distribution Groups to receive mail.
  2. Internal/External Receive Groups – By default, Distribution Groups are restricted to receive mail from internal @fsu.edu senders only. The restriction can be removed by request.
  3. Hidden from the Global Address List - By default, Distribution Groups are not hidden from the Global Address List, but this can be done by request.
  4. Manager - The person listed as the technical manager of the Distribution Group. Having the technical manager contact information is helpful for organizational purposes.
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