What is a Security Group?

A Security Group is used to grant security access.

To request a Security Group please submit a case at http://servicecenter.fsu.edu. When requesting a new Security group, please provide the following information:


  1. Description – Include a short description to describe the purpose of the Security Group.
  2. Department – Include the full department name and the 3 or 4 letter department abbreviation to identify ownership and possible location of the Security Group.
  3. AD Name – The AD Name must be in the format of COLL-RequestedName, DEPT-RequestedName, or ORG-RequestedName. College, department, or organization abbreviation must precede the requested name. (Note: DL can also be included in the AD Name to make it easier to identify distribution groups).


  1. Manager - The person listed as the technical manager of the Security Group. Having the technical manager contact information is helpful for organizational purposes.