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How do I request and manage my resource?

A resource is a room or equipment that you can schedule. Resources are conference rooms, projectors, laptops, etc. Once a resource is created the resource owner can change its permissions. Many of the settings (eg. available hours, length of events, who can schedule, etc.) must be set via the Outlook Web App (OWA).

Requesting a resource

Departmental email administrators can request a new resource calendar by submitting a support request.

Note: Please identify the user or group of users who will be managing this resource, so they can be granted full access permissions to edit the scheduling options listed below.

Accessing resource options

  1. Sign into the Outlook Web App (OWA) at using your FSU email address and password
  2. Click on the avatar in the top right hand corner and choose Open another mailbox
  3. Type the name given to the resource (e.g. fsu-room-resource) and click Open
  4. Click the gear icon in the top right hand corner
  5. Scroll down and select Calendar under the Your app settings
  6. On the left, select Calendar > Resource scheduling

Changing resource scheduling options

Setting Description
Automatically process event invitations and cancellations If checked, all options below are enabled.
If not checked, the resource owner must manage every request manually by accessing the resource directly.
Turn off reminders Enables or disables reminders for events in this calendar.
Maximum number of days in advance resources can be booked Limits how far in advance an event can be scheduled. The default is 180 days.
Always decline if the end date is beyond this limit Requests beyond the maximum number of days specified will be automatically declined. Valid values are between 0 (today) and 1080 (about 3 years).
Limit event duration and maximum allowed minutes Limits the amount of time a room can be scheduled in a single day. Unchecking the box will mean a meeting has no limit. Checking the box allows for a limit between 0 and 1440.
Allow scheduling only during working hours If checked, events outside of working hours will be automatically declined.
Allow repeating meetings Allows booking of the resource at a regular interval.
Allow conflicts Allows or prevents "Double Booking".
Allow up to this number of individual conflicts Defines the maximum number of conflicts that are allowed for new repeating meeting requests. If the number is greater than 0, a recurring event is allowed that many conflicts before being denied.
Allow up to this percentage of individual conflicts Defines the maximum percentage of meeting conflicts that are allowed for new repeating meeting requests.