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What is an email distribution list/group?

An email distribution group is a group whose members can receive email messages sent to it. These groups are not designed for bulk mailing. For bulk mailing, check out our Mass Email service.

To request a distribution group please submit a support request with the following information:

  1. Description – Include a short description to describe the purpose of the group.
  2. Department – Include the full department name and the 3 or 4 letter department abbreviation.
  3. AD name – Anything other than COLL-RequestedName, DEPT-RequestedName, or ORG-RequestedName will require branding approval. DL can also be included in the AD Name to make it easier to identify distribution lists.
  4. Display name – The name that is displayed in the Global Address List (GAL). Default is the AD name and these groups are not hidden from the GAL.
  5. Primary SMTP address - The primary email address of the account. By default, the AD Name followed by is used. A secondary SMTP address can be requested.
  6. (Optional) Internal/external receive groups – By default, groups are restricted to receive mail from internal senders only. The restriction can be removed by request.
  7. (Optional) Manager - The person listed as the technical manager of the group. Having the technical manager contact information is helpful for organizational purposes.


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