Ethernet Cable Troubleshooting

  1. Make sure both end of your ethernet cable are plugged in. Plug one end of your Ethernet Cable (CAT5) into the data jack on the wall and the other end into the data jack of your Ethernet card (This is located in the back of your computer).
  2.  The yellow cable below is an Ethernet cable and the cable to the right is a standard telephone cable. Take notice of size difference between the two. Ethernet cables are noticeably thicker and will not fit into a standard phone jack.
  3.  If you have properly connected the cable, the small LED lights on the Ethernet card should light up.
  4. If both of the LED lights on the Ethernet card do not light up or a problem persists, please contact the ITS Service Desk at (850) 644-HELP (4357) or complete this form. A work order request will be submitted on your behalf.