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How do I access VIA VPN on my personal device?

For Windows Users:

Go to - In Chrome it will download to the bottom left, in Firefox, a dialog box will appear or the download will show under the arrow in the top right.

Run the file and follow the defaults set below. After the install you need to be careful with the vpn address! NOTE: It may require an administrative password

*Please note, it is and not

Once installed, you will have an icon like below, click it to launch the VPN client

Click the big circle (real light it says “CLICK TO CONNECT”) and it will start circling with a green border and connect. Then do what you normally do after being connected!


For macOS Users:

  1. Go to the Applestore and search for Aruba Via
  2. Install with all the defaults
  3. Then set up the connection by doing the following:

*Please note, it is and not