What FSU information is considered protected or private and needs to be safeguarded?

Any information containing protected or private information related to business, financial, or medical transactions must be protected from loss, misuse, modification, and/or unauthorized access. This includes select combinations of name, birth date, address, student e-mail address, telephone number, social security number, personal photograph, amounts paid or charged in financial transactions, or account numbers.

The educational mission of the University results in the creation, collection, and processing of large volumes of information defined as student records. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) delineates the safeguarding rules for student records. It is important to review the Office of University Register's FERPA Information Page for the current definitions of student record components designated as Directory Information (Public) and non-Directory information (Protected). In addition, individual students have the right to file a privacy flag to reclassify their directory information as protected.

Each department should have someone designated to be in charge of the safeguarding of protected and private information. All employees who have access to protected and private information should be informed and trained about the safeguarding of information and sign the Employee Confidentiality Statement.

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