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Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of protection to certain University pages and applications that contain sensitive information. While the two-factor authentication process can be completed through phone calls, text messages, and hardware tokens, using the Duo Mobile app is recommended. For more information on two-factor authentication, visit the 2FA for FSU page.

How do I complete the two-factor authentication (2FA) process?

When you try to access a page that has been protected with two-factor authentication (2FA), such as your My Profile page in myFSU, you will be asked to verify your identity and may see up to three authentication methods:

  • Duo Push (recommended) - get a pop-up notification on your mobile device using the Duo Mobile app
  • Call Me - answer an automated phone call to your mobile device or landline
  • Enter a Passcode - use the Duo Mobile app or a Duo Token to generate a passcode, or receive an SMS text message with a passcode

If you have more than one device registered, you will also see a drop-down menu with a list of devices. Make sure you choose a device that is near you and select your preferred authentication method.

Choose auth method


Verify using Duo Push

Duo Push is only available on registered devices with the Duo Mobile app installed. See How do I use the Duo Mobile app?

Verification using Duo Push is the recommended and quickest way to complete the two-factor authentication process.

  1. Click Send me a Push
    Click Send me a Push

  2. Your device will receive a push notification with a login request from Duo
  3. Click Approve
  4. If you are unable to tap approve from the push notification, open the Duo Mobile app and tap Approve

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Verify using Call Me

  1. Click Call Me
    Click call me

  2. Your phone will receive an automated call
  3. Follow the instructions given in the automated message

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Verify using Enter a Passcode

  1. Click Enter a Passcode
  2. Enter the passcode in the box and click Log in
    Enter your passcode and click log in

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