Query/Report Scheduling


How do I schedule FSU Service Center queries?

Follow the steps below to schedule an FSU Service Center Open Cases query to be run at a specified time or recurring interval. Agents and managers can schedule any query, but the steps may differ slightly.

  1. Sign in to FSU Service Center
  2. Click Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer
  3. Search for the query you wish to schedule (FSU_OPEN_CALL_CENTER_CASES in this example). If you have added the desired query to your favorites, it should already be under "My Favorite Queries"
  4. Click Schedule under the Schedule column
  5. Click the Add a New Value tab
  6. Put a short ID you will remember Run Control ID field and click Add
  7. Fill in the requested information and click OK – you can use the following as a guide:
    SetID: SHARE
    Group ID: Click the magnifying glass and select the desired provider group. To receive a report containing open cases for ALL provider groups enter %
    From Date: 1/1/2010
    Through Date: If this will be a recurring query, select a date far in to the future (for example 1/1/2030), otherwise select the date the query will be scheduled to run
  8. Enter a description of your scheduled query, verify that the information displayed is correct and click OK

  9. Configure your query using the following parameters:
    Server Name – Leave blank
    Recurrence – Choose how frequently you want a query report to be delivered
    Time Zone – Select your time zone
    Run Date – Select the date you want the query to begin
    Run Time – Select the time you want to begin to run the query (Recurring queries cannot change the time)
    Type – Select Email
    Format – Select your desired file format, in this case XLS will deliver an Excel spreadsheet to your inbox
    Distribution – Click to modify the email that you receive including custom recipients and a custom subject/body
  10. Click OK

Your first query results will be emailed to you on the Run Date around the Run Time you selected in step 9, and future results will be mailed in intervals equal to the recurrence you selected.

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