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WebDAV for Departments

ITS hosts the main university website,, as well as some departmental web sites on the server.Departmental websites hosted in this fashion typically have a URL of the form
Departmental web sites can be managed through the use of the WebDAV protocol. Some older sites are still managed via SFTP, but those will be migrated to WebDAV access.

What Is WebDAV?

WebDAV stands for "Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning". For those who maintain websites at FSU, it is simply a method for accessing the web server to upload and modify websites.

How do I request a departmental website space?

Submit a support request and include the following information:

  1. Domain name you would like to use for the site. (i.e.
  2. List of people (by FSUID) who should have access to edit the department website.

You will use your FSUID and password to login to the WebDAV site.

How do I update my departmental website space?

When the site is created, you will be given a WebDAV URL. You will use the WebDAV URL when you set up your connection to WebDAV. The WebDAV URL will be something like (where deptName would be replaced with your actual department's name).

There are 2 directories created when a WebDAV site is created.  /staging   and    /production

So, once files are uploaded to the staging directory, you can view your staging website at (most cases, if that URL doesn’t work, check with us). 

Similarly, once files are uploaded to the production directory AND the DNS points your domain to your WebDAV site, you can view your production website at (most cases, if that URL doesn’t work, check with us).

You can set up WebDAV access from your web editing program. Below are some clients and instructions for configuration:

If you know your WebDAV url, you can use any WebDAV client that supports HTTPS. 

You can not modify and change your files using WebDAV through a web browser (such Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). You may be able to access your site using the WebDAV URL in your browser, but you will not be able to upload or edit any of your files that way.

How do I view the departmental website?

Uploaded files will show up in your live website at: (where departmentname would be replaced with the domain name of the site that you originally requested).

This is where you and others will go to view your site. Please note this is a different URL from the WebDAV URL that you use to modify your site.

What about Web Sites for Individuals?

This page focuses on web site hosting service for departments at FSU. If you are interested in having an individual web site hosted with ITS, please click here.

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